Among Hill Climber

Let's hop on a new hill-climbing adventure for the fans of Among us as this game will bring this theme to add in a new adventure game for kids in Gogy games for kids. The most crucial task is to control the game characters while tackling different game maps. If you can drive the truck and not crash while reaching the destination, the game is clear and you can move on with the next one.

Quite a lot of gold pieces and petrol cans are available on the route for you to pick them up. Keep in mind that if your truck runs out of petrol, you will not be able to drag it to the finish line, so pay some attention to the petrol level while moving. There are fourteen different climbing maps, ranging from Countryside level,

Spring mountain, Desert level to many others, all of which will bring unique scenarios for players. If you get a lot of coins, feel free to jump into the store at and purchase updates or buy 10 different vehicles as well as new Among us characters! To pick your vehicle, we suggest that you check out some wide options like tanks, trucks, bikes, taxis so that you can get the most suitable option for your style of movement.

Another tip for you is to maneuver swiftly between the gas pedal and the brake to control the direction and the balance of the car better. The stability of the car will be decided by your flexibility when dealing with different obstacles and bumpy tracks. Continue on more free car races with other games like Mini Rally Racing or Blob Giant 3D, to learn and improve the skill sets required for virtual car racing!

Instruction to play:

Instructions for playing: Use D to hit the gas or turn left, A key to hit the brake or turn right.