Lab Escape Online

Strange as it sounds, this game Lab Escape Online is a peculiar combination of a running game, a puzzle game, and a great adventure game, all in one! With just a click of your finger, you will get the chance to participate in this free game from Gogy 2021 with a unique storyline for your playtime. There is a laboratory hidden underground, away from the ordinary locations that you can usually find it.

There are tons of bizarre, strange, and peculiar creatures created from the small labs inside this laboratory and they all have special abilities. One of them is your main character, the little hairy and small creature who dreams of being released from this hidden facility. If he manages to escape, all investigations will focus on this lab and might get other creatures a chance of escaping as well. Can you become his guide and search for the fastest way to get out without getting caught midway?

Of course, such a hidden and secure lab will have tons of guards, traps, holes, and locked doors to prevent anything from getting out, so be careful as you tread your steps along the path. Choose wisely on which path to take and jump, dodge or hide when necessary to avoid any possible attack from your enemies. Moreover, the creature can enhance its power by swallowing the items that you find on the way, so don't miss out on any! The final goal is to make sure that the creature can escape without losing any limbs while running.

Survive and try to rescue the others from the same place with more equipment and devour the bad guys! The power and capacity of the creature change significantly with the additional items like hats, sticks, or shoes. Let's see how many hats can you collect in this game from

Instruction to play:

Click to interact, use WASD to move, and spacebar to jump.