Control your character in this top-down shooting game of Gogy land with the name of Towerland where you will be controlling a tough shooter to conquer all the tasks inside the game to free him from all these dungeon stages! This game mechanics are inspired by the classic original game of Binding of Isaac, so you might find some resemblances in the gameplay for sure.

There will be a dozen types of monsters with different bosses, separated into many game levels. If you can conquer all three game modes, no boss is holding you back anymore. Enjoy the fascinating and lively pixel animation with the best art graphics and design for an arcade game! As the game is a top-down shooting gaming option, you will get to look at the layout from the top-down view and control with a full view of the setting and mazes.

Try to stand in the most suitable positions and clear all the enemies entering your territory! There are unlockable powerups and special boosters that only the best players can gather during the intense gameplay! If you are good at coordinating your eye and hand movement, tackle this challenge to see how fast you can clear the board.

Wipe them off the board before the time runs out and stay alive until the end for a higher score! There will be a bunch of new games available for you to explore such as Master Fall Down or Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge, with no interruptions and top-tier design! Both boys and girls have enjoyed the best gaming time and gained the top experience when it comes to targeting these famous games, so you can try it out too at

Instruction to play:

Use the WASD keys to move, arrow keys to shoot,

P to pause the game.

You can also play using the touchpad for tablets and mobiles.