City Ambulance Car Driving

Dashing through the city with the flaring ambulance at a fast speed will be challenging, especially when there are multiple pickups and more than one patient in the car. How are you planning to maneuver the car and crack this game of City Ambulance Car Driving with your flexibility? Enjoy the simulation of a 3D city with this Gogy car game and emerge in the background that is filled with different infrastructures, items, obstacles, and other things.

The main task of this game is to bring the car to the location of emergency accidents to carry out the task of delivering to the patients and the injured. Drive the car around to reach the spots shown on the road. Once you have managed to pick up the patients, choose the nearest hospital and move toward it as soon as possible. Don't cause any traffic jams or accidents and make sure that there isn't any harm to the patients in your car.

Be prepared for random challenges and obstacles such as traffic, crowded road, bypass train, and so on. Make sure to take advantage of the ambulance siren to go through the spots that you can. The final purpose is to reach the emergency hospital in the shortest time. Refrain from shaking the ambulance and avoid the bad terrain while your patient is still in the vehicle.

Keep in mind that since this is quite an important life-saving task, the well-being of patients is in your hands and your driving ability. Test out your result at delivering the patients and learn how to function under pressure to become one of the best drivers ever seen on the game Leaderboard! For more similar car games, why don't you take a look at Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing or Trial 2 Player Moto Racing, all are for free at

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys and the mouse to drive and pick up.