Flicky Blade

One of the circus games you can join is the Flicky Blade at http://gogy.games/. You can throw a knife from different positions onto the board so that the knife can be inserted. table and you will win your play immediately. With the highest score, you can join the game multiple times until the final victory. This game stimulates the curiosity of online game players as they control the knife so that it can stand on the wooden board with the most certainty.

Determine the correct point before you drop the knife on the wooden board in this new game. Unlike other throwing games, you get 1 point if you throw the knife accurately on the board and the score will increase depending on your throwing ability. Practice new skills right from the first play and make sure you become the best game player on the list of top rankers at Gogy games suggest new themed games for players to find and choose to participate in their free time without being bothered by any factor.

You start your new journey with lots of interesting and rewarding things. This will definitely be the game that gives players new choices. You can relax and share games with your friends if they are also looking for new games to save on your favorite games list. You are not bothered by any element when playing the game. Don't forget to move and collect all the skills you learned from the previous play.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move your knife and throw down a piece of wood if you want to get the highest score after every throw.