Jet Boi

It might take only a few seconds to knock off your opponent and win in Jet Boi, or it could take a long time if both of you are advanced players. In this Gogy game 2020, you can play by yourself and go up against the smart CPU, or invite your friend and join the game together. The features that allow players to choose between one player and two-player mode will make this possible.

It's will be the best time for you while trying to battle a friend in a fabulous game with two-player mode available! Your job is to control your jet boy by making him swoop up onto the sky using the attached jet on his back. Use this to move flexibly and dodge the other player's attack moves. Then, you can shoot at your enemy and try to lure or push him down from the rooftop.

Once one of the two players fall, the other shall be deemed as the official winner! On each turn, the background and setting will change to make it more interesting for you. Stay focus on attacking and avoiding the shot so that you can be the first to win!

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Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses E and W key to interact

Player 2 uses up and right arrow keys.