Which Sea Creature Looks Different

Which Sea Creature Looks Different is not your ordinary puzzle game because the players will need to try to spot the tiniest difference between the images in our game from Gogy land. Keep your focus while browsing through the groups of three pictures of the same character. Your job is to observe the details and successfully point out the single difference that there is in the frame.

Once the three images are shown, you can start your work of searching for the said point. It's an endless game with continuous sets of pictures, so showcase your endurance and quick judgment to gain the highest combos. Among the three, two will look the same and one is slightly different. We will need the players who can utilize their sharp skills to spot that hidden point.

A total of 30 challenges are here to spice up your boring playtime! There are more chances of spotting the hidden point faster once you have gotten used to the mechanism of the game. You will know where to look with the most efficient move to win all the levels in the shortest time! It's a new puzzle game that is simple, adorable, and fun with the loveliest animation of sea creatures.

Are you ready to meet the sea animals and have a blast with this online gaming option for both boys and girls at https://gogy.games/? Don't worry if you choose the wrong one in the few first trials. Just go on toward the next set and train more until you can get it right on the first click! Take your friends to explore more games like Totemia Cursed Marbles from our free category during your free time!


Instruction to play:

Interact and choose the difference using the left mouse button.