is a fantastic multiplayer survival game which is created for fans of action games in gogy games for free. A horrific zombie outbreak appears in our world, zombies are in everywhere. At first, you have no weapon, can you survive and kill these fearful creatures?

Hordes of walkers are roaming the streets at night, you possess a flashlight, light your way and move around the street, find the zombies and kill them. You must be careful because they can run very fast and they will attack you immediately. You only have your fists what you can to eliminate them and to survive? You must simply smash the zombies into oblivion in gogy games online. After a while, when you progress, you can pick up weapons and ammunition to allow you to kill them quicker. Thus, you can kill the zombies from a long distance.

We feature many levels from easy to hard for you to conquer. After completing the first match, you can unlock the next one. Each mission requires you to kill a certain number of foes. You can see your health status in the health bar on the bottom of the screen. It is 10/10 at the beginning and it lowers when you are attacked. You will die as it runs out to 0/10.

Besides, you must also watch out for other players. Maybe you will hunt them down, or maybe you can form an alliance with them. Try your best to kill as many opponents as you can and survive as long as possible to gain the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to make the character move, use Right click to do a melee attack, left click to shoot, and 12345 to switch items.