Math Trivia Live

Mathematics or arithmetic can be pretty challenging if you participate in the contest for the best math players like the one in Math Trivia Live! It's a Gogy school game for kids who can subtract, add, divide, and multiple. The calculation test will vary depending on the difficulty levels and the stage that you are currently on.

It's a mathematic competition based on turns between the players, even if it's CPU or real players, therefore, there will be lots of chances for you to practice all forms of calculating and gain scores. After a total of 10 rounds, the mechanism of the game will calculate the record of each player, and the one who manages to win more will be the winner!

Time is also of the essence because if you try to finish the equation too fast, an error might be present. However, for players who are taking too much time to deal with one question, you will not be able to get through 10 rounds before everyone else. The complex and compound questions that have more than just one form of calculation will slowly add up once you progress to the higher levels.

Still, good reflexes, fast calculating abilities, and cleverness will give you the advantage in this game from For more games with this genre or other new adventures with no advertisements or interruption, keep exploring the choices like Rolly Legs and Fluffy Story 2

Instruction to play:

Click and interact with the numbers, choose the numbers using the left mouse button.