Heart Box

The new robot in the Professor's lab is out of order and there are no functions that he can perform due to the lack of movement of the heart. Will you join this game at Gogy land and help him with the work of fixing his heart box of his? Heart Box will be one of the newest genres and styles of games that you have encountered here. Since there's no one in the lab knows how to connect the box with the main charger, you will need to solve all these tangled-up bunches of strings and puzzles to make it work.

The puzzle focuses on the distance between the robot and the charger station. Because the robot is far away with a very short string, you will need to untangle the mess and bring these two closer together. Physic-based puzzles are the key to make the charger work for the box and you will have to make sure the robot can fall into the charger area.

Clear all the obstacles that stand in the path between you and the charger, whether those are the laser, huge balls, switch buttons, dynamite, or bombs that are going to explode! Keep looking for the right order to remove these, one by one to avoid triggering anything. The ideal position for the robot to charge is when the robot lies near the heart and lands on the charger.

Depending on the placement of the charger, you will have to come up with a new path and different solutions for each stage. The puzzles only get harder and harder due to limited hints, but go ahead and demonstrate your intelligence and controlling techniques! Freely explore the world of jigsaws, puzzles, quizzes, mathematics quests, and more with games like Word Chef from our website of gogy games for kids!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to solve the puzzles.