Glow Explosions!

Glow Explosions! is one of the latest free games for kids that comes with a simple yet challenging set of levels. You will be emerging into the world of glowy dots floating around in space. The goal of this Gogy online game is to simply destroy all moving glow dots and make sure to remove them from the screen. You have the power to create an explosion anywhere that you tap on the screen, so feel free to pick the next spot for burst.

Any dots that come near or are near the explosion area shall explode at the same time. The final goal is to figure out the best spots to maximize the damage range and reach the most dots. If you can succeed in creating a chain reaction with every touch, you will easily become the best in this game! If all the glow dots on the screen haven't been removed, you can't move on to the next stage for more exploration.

The goal is not just to win but also to set a new record on the Leaderboard with your amazing skills. Among a total of 35 levels, some first levels will be easy enough for you to freely explore the basics of the game. However, as you progress further, challenges and obstacles shall await. Let's blow them up and collect all 200 stars available among the space here at!

Do you know that our collection is filled with other equally fun games such as Solitaire Chess? Enjoy the fabulous space design with a realistic explosion, and the best gaming experience for kids of all ages! Take some time off and don't hesitate to share the fun experience with your friends! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to create an explosion.