Wonder Princess Vivid 80s

Wonder Princess Vivid 80s brings out the lady side of our girls at Gogy land as the game is all about the glamorous beauty of the 80s. In order to emphasize the style of such period, what items and which hairstyles should you pick for each girl? This game is another good option for girls who enjoy fashion subgenres in girl games, but with more unique fashion items from the golden era. Your job is to help each and every girl coming to your store to pick their suitable clothing.

The goal is to not only embrace the overall vibe of the 80s but also to make the features of each girl more pretty. Prominent tasks like creating suitable hairstyles, choosing the outfit pieces and accessories will be crucial to succeed in this game. Let us guide you through some of the most famous styles of the 80s. You can choose to go with a classic long dress and high updos like the noble class, or a chic denim jacket with high-thigh boots for a sporty lady.

Come up with more styles using the given pieces so that you can demonstrate your great sense of fashion and coordinating skills. At http://gogy.games/ there is no limitation on how many times you can switch the pieces, the tops, bottoms, shoes, coats, jackets, and accessories.

Just move them as you wish until you finish styling for your girls! If you want to explore more fashion styles in other eras and times, some good games like Dream Chefs will be perfect for you! Pretty and trendy fashion items are waiting for you to pick and harmonizing to make the most glamorous features of an 80s lady! 

Instruction to play:

Select the clothing, accessories and shoes for the girls using the mouse cursor.