Balls Lover Puzzle

Balls Lover Puzzle is all about bumping the hamsters or cats to make them gather back together with limited moves! This Gogy 2022 game is fun thanks to the variety of layouts and map division for each stage. Find out the way to release these two cat balls and get them to reunite at any point on the board. It's easy in the few first stages as the cat balls are not too further from each other.

Feel free to draw any lines or shapes with the pen that you are given. The line that you drew will fall down the screen and push the cat toward a certain direction, which entirely depends on the line's shape and placement. Our ideal scenario is that your line can bump one ball to another. Once two balls touch each other, the stage is cleared and you can unlock the next.

This lovely animation with a cartoon-like setting will bring such an exciting gaming experience for your game time. The way it works will enhance your free thinking as well as problem-solving skills, as well is suitable for kids of all ages! Follow your intuition to get the game going, or follow the guideline with dots.

Despite the simple rules, it still takes you a bit of creativity to come up with solutions that no one has! If you fail to make the two balls meet, replay and try until you come up with a perfect way! Don't give up and continue on this journey with similar-themed fun games such as Round N Round or Flying Cut, all of which are available for free here at Our widely known list of free games for kids is yours to explore as well!

Instruction to play:

Drag and hold the mouse or touchpad to draw the lines.