Extreme Motorcycle Simulator

The city here at Extreme Motorcycle Simulator will be filled with a list of tough requests, challenging terrains, different obstacles as well as complex infrastructure for you to freely explore. Let's see if you can win this new game of Gogy land where multiple tasks related to racing on motorcycles are waiting for you! Complete the list of tasks given in all stages. These tasks are all taking place in a big city where you can enjoy most of your motorcycle riding.

The 3D graphics and realistic setting will create a great platform for you to ride through the streets with the best sceneries and diverse styling. This will be an interesting opportunity for motorcycle fans thanks to the various genres of motorcycles available for you in the store of this game.

Purchase more and unlock new models as well as updates throughout the game for the highest capacity motor! It's all about how good you are at balancing and controlling a bike's movement. Don't forget that there is a nitro boost that you can use in a limited number of chances to speed up quickly and dash through the streets.

Plenty of other intense challenges are the highlights of the game, as you can't tell when they will pop up. Explore the list of fun car and motor racing games here at https://gogy.games/ with some famous options such as Merge Race 3D or 2 Player Dark Racing, all available for kids of all ages and full of surprising challenges! Control your bike well and you will survive the crowded city for sure! 

Instruction to play:

Control the bike using the arrow keys or WASD.

Raise the front of the motorcycle using the shift key.

Play using the touchpad on tablets and mobiles.