Connect Lines 2

Connect Lines 2 brings the second version of this fun puzzle game at Gogy land. Should you fall in love with the previous version, don't miss out on the new mechanism and elaborated gameplay this time! Like most of the other puzzle games, this one also put your ability to come up with the smartest way to solve a designated puzzle. The best players should be the ones with the shortest time range. The challenge takes place on a huge grid with many white blanks.

In order to overcome all 60 levels, you need to tap on any of the lines or termination pieces to rotate them. Fulfill the goal of matching all the available pieces on the grid with each other and you can proceed to the next step. The number of pieces that you need to fix depends on the difficulty of the level. You will start off with some relatively easy tasks with approximately 2 or more pieces. As you advance, you will have to deal with plenty of weirdly shaped pieces and blocks.

It's easy to figure out the way to finish a level, however, for some difficult tasks, it takes the effort to conquer this game at Run against the time and the messy arrangement of the grid and try out more challenges with other puzzles such as Spindle Online and 1 Line. It's time to put your brain to this fun training session. How many will you be able to put together? 

Instruction to play:

Tap or click on the pieces to change their directions.