Drive Dead 3D

Get your hands on Drive Dead 3D - our Gogy car game and prepare to explore this amazing crazy car crash challenge for free! Not only will this be a good experience to enjoy with extremely fast-paced gameplay but it's also a challenging platform to explore your inner racer. This game will let the players sit in the main driver's seat in a virtual 3D setting. Race like you have no other choice and conquer all the races!

Dangerous platforms are your first obstacles, but the other racer's attacks will be equally deadly. Learn how to navigate the car first, then start getting used to drifting or maneuvering the car over other opponents and make sure that you can overcome them. Don't forget about the randomly appearing items on the road with scary features like spiky things, spinning sharp wheels, holes, cliffs, explosives, and so on

The key points of the game are flexibility and the ability to adapt well to changing environments. Keep adding more and more upgrades as well as new equipment to your collection for improving the features and horsepower of the car. The better your engine, the higher your chance of winning all the hardest tracks with plenty of corners and obstacles! In the end, it remains a racing game, so the speed is of the essence.

You can climb to the top of all leaderboards using just one simple car, or you can try to gather and unlock the most expensive modern sports cars to add up to your collection! There's no limitation on how you can play this game, either in the single-player mode or two-player mode. More similar games like Bus Stop or Uphill Rush 12 also have the most exciting gameplay and thrilling obstacles for newbies!

Instruction to play:

Player 1 drives using the right and left arrows,

and Player 2 drives with AD keys.