18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2

Driving the 18-wheeled truck has just gotten harder with this sequel 18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2 - the second installment of the much-loved saga here at Gogy free games! You will have another shot to practice your amazing truck parking skills and enhance these skills on your set even more with new challenges, tighter parking slots, more items to dodge, and crowded traffic. The similar requirement remains unchanged in this game, however, we will attach more boosters and new features that you can explore in the game for fun! Be prepared for a lot of surprises in twists and challenges to keep yourself entertained this holiday.

Steer your truck correctly and precisely maneuver it to fit the limited spot in this game. Parking lots will be decided beforehand and you need to move the truck to your designated slot before starting to park. Again, pay attention to the pedestrians, other vehicles, and surrounding while parking to avoid any accident or collision that might cause you some scores. Have fun with the 3D platform, more models of trucks from the in-game store, bigger levels, and a more complicated path leading to the parking lot.

It's still all about how well you can maneuver and steer the wheel with such huge vehicles. Make sure that the front of the truck follows the exact route or direction that the green arrow leads you. How long will it take you to conquer all types of parking lots in this game from https://gogy.games/racing? We recommend some popular gaming options such as Hoon or Die or Offroad Masters Challenge with a variety of subgenres that you can dig and make your game time more diverse! 

Instruction to play:

Drive with the arrow keys, and use the brake by hitting the spacebar.

Use the horn with the H key. Interact with the mouse cursor.