Village Defense

The only way to defend your village from the dinosaurs of Village Defense - a Gogy unblocked game - is to make sure that you line up a good and strong defensive line. The money that you need to purchase and upgrade for new soldiers will not come out of thin air. Collect new meat from the Mert item and use them to hire the ones that can protect your village as soon as possible!

You will do the work of managing your village's food with the existed resources. Then, go on and hire heroes to place them across the base for defending purposes. There are two classes in this game, dividing into each player for their best gaming experience. If you are confident that you are good at playing and evolving with this challenge, let's try to hit all 10 challenging levels available for you.

Three main types of elements that you can spend your food or money on are the Mert, Tank, and Shooter. By buying more Mert, you can generate more food for your village and use them in the battle. However, if you only get Mert and no defensive soldiers, all your work will go to waste. Grab some Tanks and place them near to the gate to hit the enemies directly, and place the Shooters at the back to fight from a distance.

Let's start lining up the soldiers according to your strategy and plan so that you have the chance to evolve your villagers by clicking on them. An upgrade will be very helpful with increasing the damage range and power force while battling against the dinos, so do it at the right timing for the best results! Come to explore more adventure and fighting games with different themes such as Pop It Free Place from!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to place the characters.