Jet Boat Racing

Be ready to ace this game of Jet Boat Racing where the free driving on the largest body of water will keep your gaming time enjoyable! Not only is this one of the latest added game modes with amazing 3D graphics here at Gogy land but it's also a good opportunity for you to learn something. Regards to the art of free driving on the ocean, the key point is to make sure that you get through the obstacles and finish the race at the destination point.

Start with driving the boat flexibly and continue to gain tons of new experience for yourself! This game contains two special modes of Free Drive and Racing, each of which will bring a different gameplay for you to tackle. Keep in mind that tons of challenging obstacles are floating on the water body ahead of you.

Learn how to navigate the boat and balance it while dashing through the ramps! Sliding over the thin ramps will not be easy, however, it's the ultimate task for your boat-using skills and maneuvering techniques. You can either go solo or play in the 2-player mode to enjoy the full experience with all available gaming varieties.

Unlock all the features as well as the collection of racing boats to keep your position on the game board! Other frequently played games like Burnin Rubber Multiplayer also have racing game themes, so check them out for a diverse sort and genre. Utilize your set of tools including the camera, rear mirror, and engine wisely to safely navigate through this game from

Instruction to play:

Player 1 moves with WASD keys, T to look back, C to switch camera, and R to restart position.

Player 2 moves with arrow keys, L to look back, P to switch camera, and O to restart position.