Off Road Auto Trial

It's never a boring time with racing games, especially the ones that allow you to ace the toughest off-road tracks here at Gogy 4 kid game! Have fun with this new gaming option of Off-Road Auto Trial before going on to the next game. First, make your pick and roam the store to select the trusty vehicles that are going to assist you on this track. Keep in mind that each model comes with its unique characteristics, horsepower, capacity, and elements. Take the time to choose the most suitable to not only have more chance of improving them but also to utilize your best skills. After a few races, you can purchase upgrades and input them in the garage.

Once any race starts, drive through the route using the guided map, overcome the obstacles, and try to collect as many boosters and rewards as possible. The race might take place on the easier terrain when you first enter the game, however, the difficulty level and complexity of the route shall increase as you proceed through the game, ranging from the usual city road, desert, coast, and even the cold Arctic. Get more cars of higher value when you win money from the old races!

For each environment, you will need to clear out a total of 15 levels to complete them and move on to the next. Reach the destination or finish line with at least one star or else your turn is failed. There is no limitation on time, so stay focused and make sure that the car will not flip over the bumpy or hard terrain. Complete the track the first time without any collision, flip, or crash to make your name! How about more car racing games like Offroad Masters Challenge and 18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2 by clicking here ?

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Drive with arrow keys.