Pregnant Susan Ambulance

Welcome to another great game for kids from Gogy girl games! In Pregnant Susan Ambulance free game, it's time Susan gave birth to her newborn. The kid is precious and vulnerable, therefore, we need a nurse with expertise and profession in this career to assist Susan. This pregnant mom Susan needs your help to get to the hospital safely. Due to her severe pain, she decided to call the ambulance and get to the hospital.


Before the ambulance car arrives, you need to do your best to decrease her pain and make her feel more comfortable. First, check her current condition using the available tools. Then, use some potion and massage skills to help her relax a little bit before the important time. Don't skip any step and check her pulse, temperature and overall condition as well. After arriving at the hospital, you can start your work to prepare for her contractions. As the professional doctor from, you will use the appropriate medicine and tools to help her deliver the baby safe and sound.


It's crucial that you must follow all the steps in the right order. With this game, the players will learn all the basic steps of helping a woman deliver her baby. Not only does the gameplay very interesting with a cool plotline but it is also extremely educational. Will you be qualified for this significant job? For more girl games, let's check out Animal Daycare and The Story Of Cinderella for free!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to use the tools and help Susan.