Rescue Cut

One brain-teasing game for the puzzle lovers has currently been updated at Gogy land! Take up the challenges in Rescue Cut and learn how to distinguish between the ropes, strings, and blocks in the puzzle map. This is recommended as a cool combination of puzzle game and rescue game like never before! Not only does it have elaborated gameplay and extensive rules but it also comes with 3D game art animation. Your job is to save the little boy hanging on the rope.

To solve each case, you have to think and come up with the most secure way to make sure that the boy is falling on the ground without any damage. Choose the right platform as a holder for him and steer clear from the obstacles and bears. If the bears find him lying around, he will be devoured for sure!

A tip for the new players is to pay attention to not only the strings but to the surroundings as well. There will be blocks and sharps objects on the ground that pose danger to the little boy. Will it be possible to pass all these challenging stages and levels without failing even once?

We are expecting the best puzzle solvers to dominate the chart in this game at! Gather your group of friends and share the hilarious moments playing more kid games like Popcorn Burst 3D and Water Rush

Instruction to play:

Tap or click the mouse to cut the rope.