Hoon or Die

High-speed chases are all the rage at the moment in our gaming section here at Gogy racing online 2023, however, Hoon or Die free game will easily capture the first position in popularity among the car games this week! Let's get involved in this fast-paced car-chasing game in which the players will utilize all of their skills to outrun the cops. Get the engine running and prepare to move as soon as the game starts before it’s too late. Once you start the game, you will also find the siren of police cars ringing when they are trying to get closer to your car.

Showcase a few of your amazing driving skills on the city street with smooth drifts, changing direction, speeding up on a straight route, and so on. Based on the different lane numbers, police cars might appear from all sides and directions, which requires you to be flexible in terms of changing lanes from time to time. The ideal way to get rid of some opponents is to create collisions and cars crash by drifting at the perfect timing! Use the map to know when a new obstacle might show up.

Other cool boosters and bonus items such as bombs, explosives, coins, gasoline, and magnets will assist you in the task of blowing up the cars. Will you be able to endure this endless chasing and escaping journey and gain the highest record possible? The car moves forward on an automatic control when needed, so feel free to use the given arrow control and direction-changing freely. Some other popular car games such as Uphill Rush 12 or Drive Dead 3D will easily capture your attention with such addictive gameplay, so check them out here at https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Drive with right and left arrow keys,

use the spacebar to accelerate and pause,

S key or down arrow keys to drop explosives.