Super Escape Masters

One of the most common ways to escape the prison cell in Super Escape Masters is to simply dig the right way out with your shovel. With your teammate, start digging and find the escape route for this game online! There will be tons of obstacles that stand in the way of you and your freedom in this Gogy online game, but don't hesitate to crush them all. A total of 24 elaborate levels await for the daring players with the best strategies for avoiding spikes, cameras, guards, boxes, explosives, and laser beams to reach the truck that will help you leave the place.

Another important mission is to help all the friends that you find on your way out while collecting gold and keys for the next frantic escape. The security system is your most concerning problem in this escape route since it can start the alarm or hit the camera if you take one step wrong. The escape masters shall be able to dig the tunnel smartly to steer clear of any bombs or explosives that might set off the alarm.

Make sure your path underground will be able to lead your friends through the guards without being detected. The hardest part is to predict what lies ahead instead of digging. Prepare yourself to overcome the bombs, collect the gold without moving too far away from the exit, and save as many friends as possible. The next levels with more obstacles and many friends to save will be unlocked once you finish the current one.

One of the cool features of this game from is that all prisoners will autorun toward your direction, therefore, you need to focus on digging. Feel free to explore a larger map with other games like Raft Royale and Clash Of Goblins

Instruction to play:

Dig using your left mouse cursor.