Jewelry Mosaic

There's more than one correct way to put these scattered jewels together, however, will you be able to solve the problem while keeping track of the rules in this Gogy new game: Jewelry Mosaic? Placing these shiny tiles on the board is not so difficult, however, making sure that all of them are at the right positions will be quite a difficult feat. Learn the basic rule from the in-game tutorial and figure out how you can place all of the tiles on the board without any conflict.

There are multiple pieces of colorful and dashing jewelry pieces lying around waiting for you to arrange them. Think of the best way to input each piece so that the borders of the jewelries match precisely. First, you need to learn how to match the edge pieces so that they share the same color.

Once it's done, start placing new jewels down to fill in the whole board. As the game consists of more than 50 levels with unique settings and level layout, you will get to enjoy this brain-teasing puzzle game for a fun time. Once the jewels are placed correctly into empty gold spots, you can keep checking the four sides of remaining jewels to continue the placement.

In order to recreate the best mosaic art pieces, it's important to keep track of the existing pieces and how the borders are placed on the board. Will you be able to solve all the vibrant and colorful jewel puzzles within one go in this game? Feel free to enhance your art skills with plenty of easy and addictive games such as Mahjong from our game list at during the weekend! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button and drag it to move the jewel pieces.