Princess Home Cleaning

The princess at Gogy land who is famous for her blue long hair loves her big house a lot. She tries her best to keep it tidy and clean, however, things don't go as she plans. To make sure that her living home is squeaky clean and shiny, it's time for you to roll up the sleeves and help her with the work in Princess Home Cleaning! There will be two important tasks that you need to carry out: cleaning and decorating.

First, pick out the trashes from the floors, dirty clothes, dishes, and other weird items to free the space for new items later. Since her house is very big with tons of rooms that need cleaning such as Bed Room, Living room, Bathroom, Hall and Kitchen, make sure that you leave no room untouched or else it will remain dirty.

Sweep the floor and clean the windows from one room to another until when you finish all the tasks completely! Next up is the mission of transforming the decoration of these rooms. Use the given decoration pieces such as the flower pots, vases, pictures and furniture to put into each room for better visual.

We recommend that you can check out the new layout and trendy designs of housing in more girl games like Ellie Get Ready With Me 2 for reference. After all, it's up to you to handpick the theme in this game at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and move the pieces.