Knife Smash

Knife throwing games are always such fun choices for sharing with your friends. You two can compete to see who can precisely conduct these throws. With Knife Smash, the players get to experience a cool knife game from Gogy land that needs your amazing reflexes.

The goal is to unlock all the knives by moving through all the levels. In order to remove all the board, the players will use the available number of knives to throw at it. Aim at the fruits scattered on the board to collect coins. This game at requires a high concentration with good knife throwing skills and a good estimation technique to find the right timing.

However, if you happen to throw a knife at the previous knives on the board, you will have to start over. Not only do you need to collect all the apples but you also have to finish throwing all the knives without any layering. Phew! That's a lot to ask for. Hard as it sounds, the game will become familiar to you after only a few turns. Many players have gained such a high score and rank themselves among the best on the ranking chart.

Will you be able to conquer many stages and gather all the apples like they did? The graphics of the game are adorable with cute apples and boards to optimize your experience. Let's try out more throwing games like Flippy Knife Online and Flicky Blade later! 

Instruction to play:

Click to throw the knives.