Rope Bawling 3

A combination of rope cutting and bowling has come to the collection of free games for kids here at Gogy free games, with the amazing new option of Rope Bawling 3. This third version of the series brings more than just basic gameplay but also plenty of new challenges, harder maps, more updates, and lots of stages to conquer! The main gameplay resembles the game in which you need to cut the rope at the right placement and timing to release the ball.

However, as it's combined with the classic gameplay of bowling as well, you will need to estimate to pick the best position for the bowling balls to destroy the pins. Depending on the layout of the map or the difficulty, the pins will be placed randomly. They might be on some blocks or stacked up here and there scattered. Figure out the best route to push them down the hole and collect them as final scores.

Do your best to use a limited number of moves to throw the ball towards the pin! Another highlight of this game is the manipulation of gravity! The players can choose to turn the gravity on and off to make the bowling ball move upward or downward. Steer clear of the random lasers, thorns, spikes, and chains that are blocking the path.

Stay alert and avoid the obstacle cubes as well because these can be destroyed only by a special fireball and powerful flow of air. Can you coordinate the usage of air, fireball, gravity, and the rope to successfully drop the ball at the right place at the right time? It's all about flexibility in the arcade games such as Fabby Golf! at, so do your best to avoid losing any stage!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse or the touchpad on mobiles and tablets to interact with the rope, gravity button, and the