Time Witch

In this puzzle game called Time Witch, you will be targeting the usage of time and how to defeat this Gogy platform game as fast as possible! It might take some time to conquer all the lands and levels in this game, so brave yourself to train and to explore! Your task is to maintain and control the power of the main character, who is a powerful witch with the ability to conquer time.

Manipulate the circle of time, bend it, distort it and use it to evade the base of your enemies and overcome anything. Surpassing the obstacles will be a piece of cake if you can control this unique power, but if you fail to do so, it's quite an intense battle. You will help the witch move from one platform to another and reach the position of the red ruby. The ruby helps open the gate to the next level, but some gaps and obstacles make it hard to reach it.

Use the power of bending time, stopping time, moving around, and controlling the items smartly so that you can escape the maze. Tons of enemies show up later in the game to attack the witch, so use the power to destroy them too. There are some hints available so that you can find an easy way out, but it will prevent you from unlocking hidden doors or collecting useful bonuses.

If you are good at maneuvering and controlling many items and finding the path, you will have very high chances of conquering this one at gogy.games! Other equally fun games such as Block Branches are all within the range of your fingers, so one click and you can enjoy them! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrows to move and jump, V, Y, I keys to stop and bend the time.