Rolling Cat

Kitten joins the new journey with you as a friend in Rolling Cat, a new puzzle game from Gogy puzzle collection. The rule is so simple yet so captivating and addicting. Only after a few trials, you will not be able to stop playing it. In this dark jungle, our little round cat can only roll and jump from one blocks to another.


He will keep rolling regardless of the obstacles or the holes in his way. Therefore, you need to help move the door to the correct place and wait for him to roll down. Choose the most perfect place so that the cat can collect all the stars. You will have to quickly click on the missing blocks to let the invisible steps disappear or appear. All of these steps are to ensure that the kitten collects all the stars.


As you progress to the higher levels, you will be able to use another feature. Double-clicking on the kitten will create in a kitten shadow create a jump move, which is very useful in this game at All in all, the game will test your ability to control the surrounding to open up the path and help the little cat crossing the customs smoothly. There are so many levels that are available for free so the fun is endless! Keep playing and exploring more locations with other journeys in Valiant Knight and Pandas In The Desert.

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to interact with the blocks and the doors.