Pixel Protect Your Planet

Pixel Protect Your Planet is the next Gogy arcade game from our website with the latest theme for the fans of galaxy-saving games online! Join this game for free and defeat the attack waves from other enemies in space. Your main target for this game will be to protect your planet as well as defend yourself and your aircraft from any invaders. These invaders will try to take over your planet by dominating the land, resources, and territories.

Use your fire and bullet shot from the top of your aircraft to make sure that you can eliminate them all before it's too late. Don't hesitate to utilize all the in-game boosters given to the advanced players as these can help to destroy all androids. Will you be able to claim the title of the sole player to reach the best score in this both intense and funny game? Aim at the targets, adjust the direction for the movement, and swing from the left to the right.

This is to keep your plane balanced and steer clear from the attack waves. Shoot when your shooting force has reached the perfect positions later. Rotating will be the key to winning this game from https://gogy.games/, as your targets are moving constantly, therefore, you need to adapt with your good reflexes and good positioning.

Come to explore the free world of other frequently played games like Getting Over Snow, all available for both boys and girls with no restrictions on the number of playing times or ranking placement. Are you good at different settings and unique space backgrounds for a shooting game like this one? Such a good game is available for you to tackle on both PC and mobiles, so don't hesitate to bring your talent to the experience!

Instruction to play:

For mobile users, tap on the left screen to rotate left and vice versa.

For PC users, move to the left and right using the A and D keys.