Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters

Spice up your playtime with one of the latest trends from Gogy 2020 game: Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters! It's new and probably something that you haven't tried before as this gameplay focuses on interaction between users! Thanks to the 3D colorful and creative settings, the game is fun to enjoy and provides high-quality graphics for kids of all ages. The goal of each stage is to make sure that your character is the last one standing on the map. Will you become the one with the most wins and the most creative outfits?

Picking a special outfit will also make your character look different and easy to spot as it moves on the board. By choosing from the collection at the store, players can freely coordinate different pieces and make the characters stand out. Layout and map structures change depending on the level's difficulty rank, therefore, do your best to adapt to every change.

If you can grasp the basics and the point of each stage fast, you have more chances to win quickly in this chaotic world. Emerge in the colorful platform while listening to soothing background music which will play as you play this game at http://gogy.games/! Each character can move, grab the other and release the grab to throw whatever he or she is holding off the edge. Be careful as you move around the dangerous zone or the places with too many players.

Also, bear in mind that the best defense will be a good offense, so take the first move and attack! There are other good games which might suit your taste such as Infinite Stairs Online or Color Pixel Art Classic, all of which are listed on our website. 

Instruction to play:

Move, grab and release using the mouse cursor and left button.