4WD Off-road Driving Sim

4WD Off-road Driving Sim is the new driving game where the drivers get the chance to experience and test new driving techniques with a virtual platform unlike any other online car game at Gogy land. As you are tackling a fascinating game with numerous interesting new challenges, be prepared to rock different terrains and roads that are unlike usual things.

You gain more skills and the chance to further evolve your driving skills with six different types of vans, trucks, jeeps, and normal cars. Drive them through the set-up platform filled with obstacles and unique items. Maneuvering these huge cars will not be as easy as driving a small van, therefore, learn from the modest car with less powerful horsepower before moving on to the hard ones.

Once you have grasped the basics of the game, feel free to tackle the better ones. Observe and understand the setting of the wheeled roads test drive before starting to drive. A tip is that you should follow the slick roads in order to get to the blue reference point circle without any incident. As you are the sole driver of this truck carrying heavy cargo, the work of balancing the huge machine while going uphill and downhill again shall not be easy.

The simulation of 3D graphics with hand tremors, buzzing sounds, and vibrations will make this game a truly new experience with high-speed racing. Learn how to drive smoothly and control the balance of such huge cars while driving uphill and downhill in the most hidden valley. Enjoy the variety of tracks and terrains with more exciting games such as Traffic Jam 3D from our collection at https://gogy.games/ whenever you have the time!

Instruction to play:

Control the car using the arrow keys and interact using the left mouse button.