Expanding your single block will be your key goal in this game of Tribar - a recently added Gogy online game with great multi-directional interaction and cool graphics. Not only will you be able to emerge with an intuitive interface that is user-friendly but you can also put your critical thinking to the test. Other similar games like Brain IQ Test Minecraft Quiz and First Colony. will bring similar choices with fun gameplay to the collection, however, you can always enhance your skills with this Tribar challenge first.

The goal for all players is to build a figure similar to the target by swiping in six different directions. Multiple-direction interaction is the key point that makes this game different from the others. You will get to expand your critical thinking, problem-solving, and thinking out of the box to make sure the best is made with limited moves. Due to the limit on the number of moves, you can use, make sure to utilize your strategic skills to make the most of them. Efficiency in building another figure will help you get higher records on the leaderboard!

Thanks to the features which allow increasingly challenging levels, the kids can keep enhancing and improving their techniques with more complex figures in multiple dimensions later in the game. Let's see how many steps it takes for you to build the model as instructed! Don't forget that your result should be identical to the original model, or else the mission can't be completed. It's all about your tactics and strategy in expanding a single box given. Achieve the highest scores and gather more experience in gaming with online friends from when you have some weekend free time!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to drag and choose which direction to expand the blocks.

Play with the touchpad on tablets.