Animal Jump

Animal Jump is looking for one of the top racers on this survival game for kids with the top-ranged mechanic gameplay and new elements embedded! Plenty of new elements will be added to boost up your exhilarating gaming session here at Gogy land and finish with the best races! Despite the simple controls, you can optimize your way of playing and learn new tips for the game.

There's a variety of landscapes and locations where your races will take place in. The goal is to become the fastest runner and start hitting with top-notch speed to claim more scores. Race to get to the destination flagged point with the shortest time frame and win, despite the strong opponents alongside you. On your path, you will discover a bunch of obstacles, new gold pieces, and plenty of boosting themes.

Finish your races and advance to the higher levels soon. Learn how to control the main character according to the basics of the game while dodging upcoming obstacles and barriers. The competition among the animals will speed up after a while when more fast-paced characters join the game. Can you stay in the middle of these participants and discover the variety of game locations?

Don't forget about upgrading your hero from time to time so that you can keep up with the top-ranked players. The key control in this game from is easy enough to keep you moving through new stages, so hit it up now! Other similar themed games like Squid 2 Glass Bridge can easily be added to your favorite basket daily, which you can't miss out on if you are in search for some fun!

Instruction to play:

Move and control the character with WASD or arrow keys.

Choose and interact with the mouse.