Smileyworld Match

Gogy land has brought another game of coloring for kids of all ages with the contemporary pixelated theme! Don't smudge or mistake the color board in this new game of Christmas Coloring By Numbers - one of the recently added pixelated games for your exploration. Thanks to the modern pixel art animation, the game style has captured the attention of kids. The work of coloring can be so much fun and enjoyable with these frames that include numbers!

Your job will be to choose the required colors and fill into each block base on the number embedded inside it. As long as you manage to follow the number and color scheme correctly, you will be able to create some modern masterpieces that are made from numbers.

It's a New Year's game with fabulously beautiful animation and more than a hundred level to celebrate the holiday spirit. As you can share this game to anyone for free, enjoy the game on both computer and tablets. Move the paint brush or the button around the area that you are looking to paint on to fill it. Move around the field freely using your mouse scroll and wheel.

This game allows the controller to zoom in, out, and even choose the colors for even the slightest details. You can also explore the long list of gaming sections with some amazing choices such as Draw And Save The Car or .Mini Flips Plus with a variety of genres that we present to you both - newbies and advanced users! Let's test out your precision in painting and coloring at!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse click to choose the color and paint over the area.

Use the right mouse to move around the playing field. Zoom using the mouse scroll.