Moon Mission

For the fans of the idle and relaxing games at Gogy land, this new gaming option of Moon Mission will easily be your next best game online! The players joining this game will need to collect the material and new resources of multiple planets using an upgraded station and the rocket. Start your journey by hitting the Moon and discover the place. First, take off and roam the land to see if there's any difference from our planet.

Make sure to analyze the layout of the platform and locate the different materials that you can collect. Use the moon base resources of three men to gather the oil and rocks to bring back to the ship! There will be a parameter or clock on top of each material base to show you how much you can gather from that hole. It's the new chance to explore and travel through the wormhole with your flying ship!

Are you ready to fly further and higher than ever before to the unknown land where you can gather the most exotic material? Keep in mind that you should swerve to control the astronaut when he hits the rear end or the edge of the platform. Stay in the middle of the platform to discover more material and avoid losing a team member.

Will you be able to utilize three astronauts in the most efficient way and bring the best experience back from this online gaming selection? Feel free to spice up the gaming time with some new choices of different genre from our collection at! There are even more games updated daily such as Kings of Blow, so don't hesitate to check them out anytime you are free!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse cursor to move the character.

Click on the objects to interact.