Magic Show Memory

Magic Show Memory is all about linking the cards with similar themes, but can you do it in the shortest time frame in this game from Gogy land? On each card, an image of a Magician's item is shown. You can see the image on the chosen cards by flipping it off the frame, and you can only do so for two cards at a time! Once you memorize the placement and the images, it'll be easier to match the pairs using the printed images.

The only way to clear any level is to make sure that all the available cards find their pair. The remaining cars need to be flipped off and continue until it's all done! A total of 15 levels are waiting for you, however, the difficulty level shall increase significantly throughout the game. The higher level is, the harder you need to work to search for the remaining part of one pair due to a large number of cards. Keep flipping through the stacks until you find the right match for the previous tiles that you saw. Time is of the essence as well. Each player only has one minute, more or less, to conquer a matching session.

Use the clock on the left-down side of the screen to check your remaining time. It's crucial to finish the search for all pairs before the time runs out or else you will lose the turn. Let's see how long you can continue the perfect matching system and how your skills improve throughout it all! Don't miss out on more 2D arcade games with the outstanding theme, hilarious gameplay, and eye-catching animation such as Magic Circus Match 3 from our free game list at!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose and connect the pairs of cards.