Crowd Farm

Take your time to discover the fun with Crowd Farm - a new Gogy kids game that will focus on the cultivation and the development of the herd! It's one of the tasks for the owner of the farm to make sure that not only the crops but the herd of sheep are also cared for. You will be the ones who are responsible for the sheep growth as you need to move them around the place, maneuver the direction so that they can reach the target of food consumption.

There are a lot of animals on the farm, ranging from dogs, cows, chickens, and others, so make sure that you keep those away from the sheep to avoid these small animals being hit by the herd. Keep moving around the map of this game to eat crops and increase the number quickly. Either you take the sheep around the farm to collect all the food or you can occupy the smaller animals with your superiority of numbers!

Thanks to the farming simulator setting, you will find that this game resembles lots of io games with extensive maps and elaborated movement for characters. Make sure that you steer clear of angry farmers because they will hit you if they find the sheep eating up on their crops!

Also, when that happens, your number of sheep will decrease as compensation as well. Let us give you a tip on how to use the arrow on the screen. Feel free to target the other players if you have more sheep than them so that you can merge the herd and turn them all into yours! Let's keep enhancing the movement speed, pets, boosters, and other items for the highest productivity and win the highest rank of this game from!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to move the sheep.