Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips Plus brings the latest additional gaming selection for the fans of the arcade genre here at Gogy games online! Hop into this world of arcade gaming where you will join forces to collect all the coins at any level in which you are participating. From moving up and down, jumping, flipping from one side to another, to avoiding obstacles, you will get the chance to conquer them all here!

If you are ready, there are chances that you will claim the top spot for all these varieties of 160 challenging stages. Learn how to navigate through the platform, and use the flipping features to dodge the barriers. There are randomly popped-up obstacles that you need to keep an eye out for, such as deep holes, spiky traps, or attacks from monsters. The movement of flipping can be beneficial for dodging fast-paced items. 

However, as the game speed increases, pay attention to your character's position to utilize the power better. There are plenty of games with similar themes such as Slope Ball or Draw And Save The Car from the game list of the arcade for you to share and explore. Be prepared for more hindrances or barriers roaming near the new path and keep following the right-sided scrolling platform. We believe that you can bring a new wind to the game and rock the Leaderboard with the new high scores!

Flip flexibly and showcase your perfect timing to clear out the most levels possible. Conquer more gaming experiences with other similar-themed games and compete against your online rivals for fun! Plenty of them are available without a cost here at, so pay a visit to your favorite section or category! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the character to make it flip. Interact with a mouse or touchpad.