Draw And Save The Car

Tackle the latest Gogy game 4 kids with the name Draw And Save The Car where your imagination will be the most powerful weapon for conquering tasks! The goal of this game is to make sure that the car can bypass all the obstacles showing up underneath its path. Do whatever it takes to draw a bridge where necessary to help the car.

Once the car can reach the other side of the game screen, where the destination is flagged, you complete the current level and can move next. The difficulty level of overall games here is just medium, with an increase over the highest stages. Therefore, you can freely enjoy this lovely drawing game anytime with your friends! Once you managed to bypass the few first easy levels and get your advancement, be prepared for plenty of diverse dangers, distinct setups, and a wide variety of obstacles coming your way. 

The key to winning this game at https://gogy.games/ is to use your drawing lines in your tactics. Implement the lines into more strategic drawings and you will be able to shield your car from the spikes underneaths the bridge. Let's see how long it will take for you to unlock the most powerful car models in the bunch using your gained scores! Earn more and more points from the missions to set off your adventure where hundreds of stages await!

Only the best strategist with top-notch skills in building virtual bridges can bring the best achievement and performance home with this game! Thanks to both simple game controls and a user-friendly interface, kids of all ages as well as adults can challenge their brains with this online game! Other frequently visited games from our website come with tons of diverse themes such as Slope Ball or Musical Mahjong.

Instruction to play:

Draw the bridges using the mouse.