Pinball World Cup

Pinball World Cup is the new tournament for kids who love a bit of challenge with pinball and pinball paddles. Gogy sports 2022 added this new arcade game with the special theme of pinball to make your virtual gaming experience even better! Your goal in this game is to make sure that you manage to hit the pinball paddles on every shot to score goals. To win each level, 10 successful scores will be required.

First, learn how to dispatch the ball to the pinball board. Once it's released, you need to control the pinball paddles so as not to lose your ball through different holes on the board. As there are more than 20 challenging levels filled with different settings and opponents online, you will be conquering the unique setting of soccer and football on a pinball board.

Thanks to the responsive gameplay, fast-paced theme, vibrant and dynamic graphics, the game become suitable for all devices and kids of all ages can enjoy it after a long day at school. Feel free to dive into the exciting music and vibrant background theme with a diverse scene for multiple levels. One hit to the paddles and you will be able to score goals for your turn. The more you hit, the higher your record in this game of will be.

The key elements to winning this game will be the precision in aiming, the perfect timing, and the best observation you can create. As limited as your paddles can reach, make sure to use those paddles wisely and understand their movement to take advantage of them. Efficient moves will bring more scores than just any random movement! Other games like Cycling Hero will let you explore other online sports or online games to have fun during the free time! 

Instruction to play:

Play using the keyboard or mouse cursor.