Dumb Ways to Die 2 The Games

If you have been familiar with the first version of this massive hit game Dumb Ways to Die, our second installment with the name of Dumb Ways to Die 2 The Games will easily be the next perfect Gogy sport free game for a hilarious game time! Share this adorable animated game with your friends and destress with the cutest mini-tasks on both PC and smartphone. Can you survive the dumbest ways to die and learn the smart way to win this game? Unlike the original version, this new game comes with a total of five game modes, divided by 4 challenges with different layouts and tasks. Finish the requirement and tasks for each stage to unlock the next one.

There's no restriction on which order you need to go, so feel free to tap into any stage that you find interesting. Let us guide you through some famous stage and signature options. Join the task of Shark Jumping, Running Beside the Pool, Depth Charge Free Drive, and Piranha Freestyle of 100m in the Drown Town section. Once you get to Andrenaland, stay focused and be prepared for the most thrilling missions that will bring tons of adrenaline rush! Finish off the game with the last two game modes of Dumbest of the Dumb and Freezerville, each with its signature gaming sessions that will test your thinking out of the box.

Don't follow the old traditional way of solving problems or else you will not be able to complete these strange challenges from all modes! The similarity between this game and the original is that each player wastes one token for each turn. Utilize the limited number of lives in the game so that you can clear out the most missions with your three lives here at https://gogy.games/. Explore some other dumb yet addictive gameplay such as Boxing Random and Master Chess!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to interact.