Route Digger 2

Route Digger 2 will be a brand new routing game genre that you have never tried out before. The work of construction in Route Digger 2 - the new game of Gogy ball game will involve creating the shortest route for a ball to roll from one position to another without crashing or colliding. What you do will not be any ordinary building using materials such as bricks or sticks for usual architectural works. In the map filled with plenty of routes, you will have to dig toward the direction that you think is most suitable for the ball to reach the final destination.

The destination will vary depending on each round, level, or stage, but it will not be easy to reach. Play at your own pace and slowly create the path without mistaking the direction. There is no limitation on how long you need to finish the level or how many moves you have.

All you have to do is to get the ball to its rightful place without selecting the wrong direction. In case that you pick the wrong direction and overpass the destination, you will be required to restart the game again. Just dig slowly and avoid making too large of a path because this will cause the ball to slide off tracks or go toward a whole another direction. Increase your chance of success by avoiding the obstacles and aim for the smoothest path possible.

This game from will bring about quite an exciting and thrilling experience for the fans of ball games online! It's up to you to choose whether the balls fall or continue to roll forward. A tip for the new players is to keep an eye on the colors of the ball because you need to match it with the correct well. Show your perfect control with more games like Bloo Kid 2 or Platforms Destroyer in our free game collection!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse cursor to dig and guide the ball.