Mini Sticky

Getting the cute little blob in our new game Mini Sticky to the final destination every time will not be an easy task. If you are ready to tackle and conquer this retro-styled adventure with us in Gogy free action game, let's have fun guiding the blob character to the goal now! To achieve the delicious candy at the end of the route, you will have to guide him so that he jumps over the blockage, avoid the spiky and deadly trap, and capture the valuable items! Food is scattered everywhere in the maze, but so are the traps. Stay alert and move with care to keep the blob intact.

You have a limited number of lives for each level, so don't fail before the goal is cleared. Move the blob using his skills when necessary! He can transform his body so that he will get stuck on the terrain or the wall in order to not only avoid spikes but also to surpass obstacles faster. Utilize this ability wisely and you will do great in evading any approaching enemies. To clear a level, make it to the final gate, and the next levels with a more complicated map and harder challenges will unlock themselves. Are you ready to maneuver your way around the maze with the flexible blob?

Let's try to gain top scores and make your name the first to appear on the Leaderboard here at! Thanks to this game being available on all devices, kids can share with their friends during any playtime as long as they get some internet connection! More frequently played games from the same genres such as Unicycle Mayhem or Kogama Two Fort will be perfect options for the next gaming session, so check them out!

Instruction to play:

Use the screen button to control on mobile.

Play with WASD or arrows on PC.