Halloween Lines Saga

Halloween Lines Saga is all about lines filled with funny Halloween items! Enjoy this matching game from the list of Gogy kid game 2022 with an eye-catching character design, elaborated gameplay, and cute animation overall! The final goal of each level is to generate all the required lines of more than five identical items for clearance. As long as they are the same type, you can clear out the lines in the direction vertical, horizontal, or diagonal to score.

Don't leave the board filled with too many items or else it will overflow. When you arrive at the higher levels or get stuck, feel free to use the special items such as the Undo button, Sword button, or Potion option to overcome hard situations and difficulties. Feel free to visit the Lucky Wheel and spin the bonus wheel to get extra items. Let's try to visit the game on a daily basis to gain more scores using the wheel of fortune and daily rewards for your high scores.

Move the item to the empty cells in order to create a line of 5 or more items so as to remove them as soon as possible. This game is all about rearranging the placement of scattered tiles, however, if you progress to the higher stage, the difficulty shall increase.

Utilize all of your items and boosters so that the final requirement can be met quicker than the other players. Let's see how good your coordination and arranging skills are when the setting and layout of the lines change every minute! Feel free to dive into the world of gaming from https://gogy.games/ with some famous options such as Green Prickle or Erase One Element, with no charge attached.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and move the tiles.