Sweet Tooth Rush

Collecting candies can be such hard work for our little dinosaur at Gogy free game: Sweet Tooth Rush, especially when she has to move back and forth on the mountain. The little dinosaur wants to go the snow mountain to find the hidden candies to fulfill her sweet tooth. She needs a guide who can help her move on the right lane while switching from one to another.

The main goal is to survive as long as possible so as to collect more candies. Since the game has an endless theme, it's all about gaining the highest scores possible. The more candies you collect, the higher the scores will be. Make sure to avoid all those roadblocks which will trip the dino and end the turn.

While changing the lanes, keep in mind that if you can't collect a certain candy, forget about it and keep moving forward. The game doesn't stop as its pace will even get faster. Also, look out for other helpful items to get a higher score. Besides the joy of emerging in the high pace of a running game at http://gogy.games/, you will have fun with the thrill and excitement of collecting goods.

Be sharp with your movement and deciding the lanes quickly is the key to play the game for a long time. The graphics of it are also adorable with a smooth transition and bright colors. Are you ready to move on to other running games later with Words Cracker and Jelly Crush

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard or tap on the screen to jump and move right or left.