Platforms Destroyer

With classic and modernized graphics, along with easy-to-understand rules, this game of Platforms Destroyer will focus on your skills when it comes to destruction. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the cracked platforms right now! The players will control one special cannon that can shoot not only one but many destructive colorful balls. Your goal in all levels remains unchanged, which is to create a crack and break the designated platforms in the available time frame. This cannon is a specialized pipe that will release the heavy balls upon your control to hit the platforms.

Depending on the stage, the platform location and height will be different. Since it can move up or down, make sure that you can break it before the platform rises to the canon. You can choose which ball to move according to your command and guide them with strategic moving techniques. All in all, make sure to successfully bombard the platform within your given time, or else your challenge is failed.

Also, keep in mind that there will be a limited number of bullets given to you, so prepare yourself to manage them well to avoid overusing or missing out. This is one of the games with high intensity and cool updates from the website of for the cool kids who love futuristic games! Steer clear of the popping-up spikes because they will break your balls.

Other than the amazing gameplay, high-quality graphics with a simple arcade design, the game will bring more challenges to spice up your exploration in the later stages! Would you like to learn how to master the gaming skills for this genre with more gaming selections such as Flat Jumper 2

Instruction to play:

Click to release the balls, move the mouse cursor to interact.