Bloo Kid 2

This new game called Bloo Kid 2 is the 2nd version in this series from Gogy kid games. The journey starts again even after our main character - Bloo Kid has managed to rescue his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard in the first game. As the couple is enjoying the new life with their lovely kid "Pink Kid", a new threat emerges and threatens to destroy their perfect life. You can say that this new adventure pops out of the bloo!

You can still look forward to the classic 2D game design with the signature retro-styled platform that has made the original version famous. Other than the updates in gameplay and rules, there will be more maps, a new layout with pixel-graphics design, and many new soundtracks to keep the playtime interesting and fun to enjoy. Your job is to control the character to make him do all necessary activities ranging from running, jumping, dodging, even swimming your way through a total of five huge worlds.

Each world comes with 12 different stages that will include not only new challenges but also new characters or monsters. It's up to you to use your fighting skills and movements to take the upper hand and master the art of winning any brutal fights against the bosses. This new world has more secrets than you can imagine, all packed in epic boss battles handcrafted graphics! Remove enemies by jumping on them or simply overjump to dodge their attacks.

The highlight of this game at is the two available options between the arrow buttons or the on-screen controls, which provide more freedom for players. Let's start this game and take on more challenges later with games such as Platforms Destroyer !

Instruction to play:

Move, jump and leave platforms using arrow keys, use up arrow two times for double jump.