Ai Vendetta

Ai Vendetta takes your gaming experience in space to another level as it'll bring the classic arcade game genre to you with 2D animation and amazing space graphics. It's fun to enjoy the virtual space while taking on the droids and towers awaiting you in this game Ai Vendetta from Gogy land. Your job will be to keep your spacecraft safe by dodging any kind of attacks, destroying the droids appearing, and gathering the best combos to gain scores.

The players can drop sections onto the alien droids and charge the bullet to create a bigger missile for shooting. This bigger missile will take down the huge tower more easily. However, as they are required to be charged up for some time, you need to make sure that you estimate the time right. Don't lose to the big boss because they show up after you progress in the game.

The Medal system shall rank your performance and grant the reward accordingly, so make sure to try and get three stars for all levels. Power-ups and boosters can be purchased after finishing each stage, so make sure to check out the store at for some good items. Such classic gameplay with tons of challenges will keep you hooked in the game for a long time!

How can you dispatch the maximum destruction and enjoy the redefined in-game challenges? Feel free to switch up the control keys if you are playing this game in the 2-players mode. There will be a lot of newly added games like The Utans suiting your taste, so try them out now when you have some time off! Invite more friends and challenge them to see who can dominate this space game! 

Instruction to play:

Move up and down, back and forth using the WASD keys, hold the spacebar to shoot a missile.